Community Activities & Workshops

Cultural Celebrations and Special Events

CNLC hosts events throughout the year to mark important occasions and celebrate our diversity. Join CNLC and your community to share a meal, meet new friends and learn more about key themes observed in Australia. Check with CNLC for upcoming events:

• Lunar New Year

• International Women’s Day

• Carlton Harmony Day

• Neighbourhood House Week

• Reconciliation Week

• Eid Celebration

• Environment & sustainability event


Healing Garden Workshops

Attend a series of three workshops designed using Horticultural Therapy principles, a practice that uses plants and garden-related activities to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Come and relax in our therapeutic Ballam-Ballam garden while doing gentle gardening activities, developing new skills and making plant-based creations to take home. These workshops will provide you with an inclusive, comfortable, therapeutic space where you can feel connected to the natural world and to other people in your community. All workshops will include herbal tea in the garden and a simple mindfulness meditation. All materials are provided. The workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities. Vouchers available for birthday presents.

Workshop 1: Hanging Kokedama Balls

Learn to make these Japanese-inspired hanging pot-plants. Soil is wrapped in hessian and moss to create a living pot, which you can hang in your home.

Workshop 2: Painted Pots and Flowers

Paint your own terracotta pot (designs included), learn how to make a nourishing no-dig soil base for any container and plant flowering plants to brighten up your home.

Workshop 3: Easy Propagation and Herbal Vinegar

Learn the basics of plant propagation so that you are able to cultivate plants for free, rather than needing to buy them. Create a delicious herbal vinegar using herbs from the garden to use in your kitchen.

Location: 20 Princes St, Carlton North

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Day: Saturday 20 Feb, 27 Feb & 6 March.

Cost: $120 for 3 sessions (contact us if you need financial assistance)


Become a composting expert workshop

Join in the compost revolution and learn how to turn your food scraps into compost gold for your plants and gardens. A great way to reduce landfill and avoid potent methane emissions that are lethal for climate change.

The worm farm workshop is ideal for people living in an apartment or with a small outdoor area. Set up a worm farm, learn what worms to use and how to keep it smell free and easy to use. Or you may want to understand all there is to know about composting: getting the pH balance right, managing your brown and green content, how often to turn it and how to guarantee excellent compost production for your garden or to sell at CNLC.

These workshops are free and presented by Michelle Twyford, CNLC’s compost queen. They are suitable for all levels of experience, ages and abilities.

Location: 20 Princes St, Carlton North

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Day: Saturday 1 April (worm farming) & 3 May (composting)

Cost: Free


Contact us if you would like to take part in any of our upcoming workshops.


Carlton Harmony day

Harmony day is celebrated each year around Australia to celebrate our cultural diversity as a nation. The day is also the United Nation's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The Carlton Harmony Day project is a strong partnership between Carlton Local Agency Network and community members with the common goals being to showcase local talent; bring community together; celebrate diversity; facilitate health promotion; and to offset isolation. The target audience is the overall suburb of Carlton, with a focus on the Carlton Estate; whereby Estate residents are able to share their talents and non-Estate residents have the opportunity to experience and appreciate the Estate's many cultures and talents.  Cultural harmony events will be held throughout the year.

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