Technology Courses

Everyone needs digital literacy and access to communications technology. Our digital literacy skills program includes one on one support, short courses and semester long courses. We can support students with access to devices and low cost purchasing programs.


Devices and Desktops for the Day to Day

Get your confidence on the internet either using a laptop, tablets or phone. The course includes understanding basic terms, navigating a screen, use of a web browser, navigating websites, searching for information and images, saving images, filling in a form online, scanning and uploading forms to a website such as MyGov, social media basics, and some Apps available for managing daily life.

Time: 9.30am - 12pm
Day: Wednesday
Dates: 3 Febuary - 31 March / 21 April - 23 June

Cost: $50 concession per semester/ $70 non-concession per semester


Advanced Technology Skills for Work and Study

Use of MS Office and Google Docs: Word, formatting styles, tables, shapes. PowerPoint: animations & transitions, add audio & video. Excel: spreadsheet basics including formulas Using online office suite: e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive Internet and email: Online shopping: buy and sell Extend your learning e.g. LinkedIn learning Making videos: iMovie on iPad, Quik on android Web apps and mobile apps: Eventbrite.

Time: 12.30pm - 3pm
Day: Wednesday
Dates: 3 Febuary - 31 March / 21 April - 23 June 
Cost: $50 concession per semester/ $70 non-concession per semester


Connect to Learn

Do you need help with online learning? This 10-hour course provides an introduction to chat, email, video conferencing and using Google Classroom.

Time: Various
Day: Monday
Dates: 1 Febuary - 29 March / 19 April - 21 June
Cost: $50 concession per semester/ $70 non-concession per semester

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