Carlton's Balam-Balam Community Garden

Do you love to garden? CNLC has a beautiful community garden where people can harvest fresh organic produce, learn more about gardening or potter away in our Carlton oasis as a volunteer. Visit our resident chooks or volunteer to help look after them.

Get your first introduction to the garden by meeting Michelle our gardener on Thursdays 9am-5pm, or come along to one of our open community gardening days.

Vlad Garden

Community Gardening Days

Including workshops, facilitated activities & getting your hands dirty helping to look after our community garden as well as sharing a free vegetarian feast with our community partner Open Table ( 

Email to be included in notices about the garden activities or to find out how you can volunteer

Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm (Lunch served at 12.30pm)

Day: 4th Saturday of every month

Cost: Free


The garden has endured wild weather conditions during the break and is in need of some love! Click HERE for the flyer.

Carlton Cluckers

CNLC are now the proud carers of 4 lovely chickens. They are being looked after by our gardener Michelle and volunteers to make sure they are well fed and happy. If you would like to volunteer to do a shift once a week, please contact Elle at 


CNLC Community Compost Hub

Carlton has a Community Compost Hub at Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre. If you are unable to compost your food scraps at home, you can bring them to us, at 20 Princes St. Carlton North, to be recycled into nutrient rich soil for our community garden.

 compost hub and bin

Why compost?

We all want to help the environment, and composting your food scraps is a great way to reduce waste. Food scraps makes up 40% of our bin waste going to landfill. By composting, this becomes a valuable organic material that enriches soil, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and supports healthy gardens to grow delicious fruit and vegies. Most importantly, it prevents organic waste from ending up in landfill – this reduces harmful methane emissions, the waste of scarce land and protects our environment while addressing climate change pollution.

How can I be involved? It’s easy!

  • Find our Registration Form here. Feel free to drop in or email for more information in how you can get involved in the recycling revolution. This way we can let you know news about the hub & community events for the Balam-Balam community garden.
  • Fill a container with food scraps and other suitable materials specified below.
  • During business hours please come in to CNLC in the back gate to deposit your food scraps directly in to the compost hub. There will be a tick on the compost bay for you to empty your scraps. Don’t forget to say “Hi” to people you meet.
  • If outside business hours, place contents in the green bin at CNLC on the corner of Station and Princes streets Carlton North. You will need to contact CNLC to get the code to release the combination lock. Once you have deposited food scraps into the bin, remember to secure the lock again.
  • Tell your neighbours about the compost hub, and encourage them to get in contact with CNLC if they are interested in using it.
  •  We also sell compost at $5 a bag and vegetable seedlings grown in our garden when available.

                                     What can I compost?



  • uncooked vegetables scraps
  • fruit scraps
  • coffee grinds and tea bags
  • crushed egg shells
  • shredded newspaper, cardboard and egg
  • cartons
  • hay and straw
  • grass clippings
  • cut flowers
  • dairy products
  • anything cooked
  • meat, fish or bones
  • pet poo and litter
  • breads and cereals
  • glossy paper (magazines)
  • plastic or biodegradable bags
  • garden waste and branches
  • rubber bands and tags
  • rubbish