Computer Courses

Please note: Due to COVID-19, our courses are being delivered remotely. Students are being provided with alternative ways to engage in learning from home. See our dedicated COVID-19 page HERE for more information.


Computer Basics

  • Learn a diverse range of useful computer skills, including: ergonomics and self-care, computer terminology and language.
  • Windows basics: open and close programs, mouse and keyboard basics, switching between open windows.
  • Introduction to Word and PowerPoint.
  • Internet basics: web browser basics, open a URL, navigate backwards and forwards, search for information and images, save images to local disk, emailing, file management. Using apps for mobile phone and camera.

Time: 10.00 - 11.30am
Day: Wednesday
Dates: 15 July – 16 December
Cost: $50 concession / $70 non-concession