Preaccredited English and Vocational Skills

Language Skills Workshop

Improve your pronunciation, grammar and literacy skills in the learning context of Australian society and workplace culture.

This course suits beginner level students.

Time: 9.30am-3pm

Day: Friday

Date: 31 January - 26 June

Cost: $50 concession / $70 non-concession

English Outside the Classroom - Volunteering in the Community

Improve your workplace communication skills through supported volunteering at CNLC and local agencies. Participants practise language in a workplace context with a supervised weekly volunteer session and group language classes. Students can volunteer in the kitchen, garden or office at CNLC or with selected local agencies.

Time: Various (2 hours per week)

Day: Monday- Friday

Date: 31 January - 26 June (includes 3 language sessions per term)

Cost: Free for eligible participants

 To apply contact CNLC or visit our Volunteering page

Language of Tourism Summer School

Improve your English skills while learning about Victoria's tourism industry.

Time: 9.30am-3pm

Day: Monday - Wednesday

Date: 13 January - 22 January

Cost: $50 concession / $70 non-concession (free for eligible participants)

English Conversation

Improve your conversation skills for work and community life in Australia in this friendly and practical class. Activities include excursions and activities to stimulate and develop speaking and listening skills.

Location: Open Door - 480 Lygon Street, Carlton

Time: 10am-12pm

Day: Thursday

Date: 13 January - 22 January

Cost: Free

Other Courses in 2020

In conjunction with the Make it Work team, we will be consulting residents about the short courses and the support needed to improve employability skills. Topics include but are not limitied to:

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Report writing for Childcare and Age Care
  • Community Leadership
  • Driving in Melbounre

Watch this space for confirmation of these programs and further details of how to get involved.


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