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Project Overview

Make It Work is a local, boutique scale service that partners with local businesses and migrants and refugees to create local work for local people. Working in the City of Yarra and City of Melbourne, we have identified with our community the multiple barriers they face to gaining employment. Many graduate from studying English and feel they are at a dead end. Local businesses can benefit from reflecting their diverse community in their workforce whilst holding out a helping hand to a group in our community that could benefit greatly by contributing to their Australian community through employment.

Our local area is diverse with 63% of people living in Carlton being born overseas and around 65% of the residents from the local Carlton public housing estate speaking a language other than English at home. Unfortunately, they experience high levels of unemployment and are more likely to face discrimination and disadvantage that stops them from reaching their full potential. We want to change that fact.

Our Goal: To bridge the pathways to meaningful work for Carlton’s refugee and migrant community through real local opportunities.

Our Vision: Our goal is to measurably and sustainably change the lives of our community members, assisting individuals in to work experience, further education and ultimately employment. Our experience is that this individual support benefits the whole community as they help others into employment, supporting their families and communities with more confidence.

Our Principles:

  • Local work for local people
  • Focusing on industries with upward mobility pathways
  • Working with community, not just individuals
  • Working on a targeted local scale to enable personalised support with employers and the community
  • Co-creating education, training and employment pathways

Our Model:

  1. Assessment
  2. Co creation
  3. Training and Placement
  4. Ongoing Support 

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